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CNY Buffet 3

Assorted Cookies Platter
Crispy Spring Roll
Trio Colour Fish Roll
Signature Hainan Rice
Stir Fry Longevity Noodle
Lo Hon Zai
Oriental Salad Bar
Oriental Chicken Roulade
Kung Pao Mussel
Soy Glazed Salmon
Salted Egg Prawn
Osmanthus Floral Jelly
Treasure Fruit Pudding
Red Dates Snow Bird Nest Dessert Soup
Prosperity Punch
Complimentary Fruit Infused Water

RM 98.00 Per Pax
Minimum Order of 80 Pax

Terms & Conditions

  • Booking are subject to date availability base on first come first serve basis with 50% booking deposit based on total quoted amount. Legumes do not accept temporary or verbal confirmation.
  • Booking is to made 7 days before the event date and full payment to be made available before the start of event.
  • Corporate accounts - Legumes corporate partners may place booking with purchase orders (PO). Subject to pre-approval from Legumes Management Team.
  • Payment should be made in person or collected by an authorised Legumes employee only.
  • Price quoted is subject to any government imposed taxes.
  • We accept bank transfer and transfer slip should be sent to Legumes via Whataspp or email.


  • Transporation Charge: RM 200
  • High Rise Building: RM 150 (No charge for ground floor)
  • Food Handling Charge: RM 150 (For waste management, equipment setup)

Guaranteed Guest Count
  • Customer must submit the guaranteed number of guests for your event to Legumes Catering Coordinator not later than 72 hours prior to the event. If the actual number of guests at the time of the event is larger than the guest count, you will be charged for the additional guests in attendance at the per guest rate quoted. Legumes will not reduce the charges if the actual number of guest at the time of event is less than the guest count you submit.

  • Buffet setup: Buffet line, basic themed decorations, disposable plates, disposable utensils and plastic cups will be provided in the package (1 set per guest with 50% extras). Option is available to upgrade to non-disposable plates and utensils with additional charges.
  • Legumes is not responsible to handle food & beverages that are not prepared from your kitchen. Kindly inform the sale representative if you need us to perform such duties. Subject to management approval and additional charges will apply.
  • Furnitures for guests is NOT included in the package. Customer is required to provide the tables for food and guest. Legumes will NOT be responsible for setup of furnitures rented from third party unless its pre-arranged with Legumes Event Coordinator.
  • Legumes will include artificial flower decoration on request by the customer. Any decorations required will be quoted separately by your Legumes Event Coordinator.

Event Timeline and Staffing
  • Each event is variable and the timeline will be determined at the time of booking based on guest count and event time. Our standard timeline includes 1 hour of pre-setup, 3 hours for food service, and additional 1 hour for post event breakdown. If your event exceeds 3 hours in duration, additional service hour at RM 200 per hour will be charged.
  • Legumes will not liable for the food quality if any food is consumed after the recommended service time.
  • Packages exclude buffet helpers. Staff cost is mandatory at RM 150-200 per person. Buffet helper is required for monitory and cleaning, additional service hour is RM 20 per hour per person.

  • Force Majuere - Legumes shall not be liable to the client for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or cancellation of the event that is due to circumstances beyond the control of Legumes including but not limited to fire, acts of terrorism, floods, acts of God, inclement weather, stickers, lockouts, riots, civil unrest, interference by civil or military authorities or acts of war and accidents.
  • Legumes maintains general liability and vehicle liability insurance for the services it provides. Legumes shall not be responsible for the loss or damage was caused solely by negligence or misconduct of Legumes' staffs. In the event of claims, please request for a copy of Legumes' 3rd Party Insurance Policy.
  • Legumes is not held responsible for deficiency of a desirable quality for events that are caused by natural disaster, riot, strike, malicious damage and other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Legumes is not held responsible for deficiency of a desirable quality for events that are caused by changes from clients within 48 hours.
  • Legumes reserves the right to reject and add additional charges for any order due to unforeseen circumstances. Menus are subject to changes if there is shortage of ingredients with or without prior notice.
  • Customer is liable for any breakage or damages of equipment and utensil.
  • Legumes is HALAL certified by JAKIM and are NOT ALLOWED to serve pork, alcohol drinks, or food and beverages containing pork or alcohol.
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